5 Ways To Control Your Rheumatoid Arthritis Through Food


4. Lower your refined sugar intake

higher blood sugars, RA

Refined sugar is the one thing that you should absolutely avoid if you suffer from RA. Because sugar increases the acidity in the body, it will cause joint inflammation. Sugar also increased your blood sugar: higher blood sugars also increase the risk of inflammation.

Because refined sugar is addictive, it can be difficult to break the habit. Use natural sweeteners such as agave, honey, and (unprocessed) fruit juice. Agave can be especially nice in coffee. Note that the scientific research is inconclusive on how caffeine impacts RA. It has bothered some people, while others have felt fine. This is one of those situations where you should monitor your body’s reactions to the caffeine, as well as talk with your doctor.

Finally, some RA drugs can increase your blood sugar. If you include refined sugar in your diet, your blood sugar stays high, and you run the risk of diabetes.