Plaque Psoriasis Symptoms You Need To Be Aware Of


Psoriasis Triggers You Should Know About

The most common triggers are stress, alcohol, and injury. But keep in mind that all these triggers aren’t the same for every person. They may change over time for a person as well.


Unusually high amounts of stress can trigger a flare-up. In case you learn how to reduce as well as manage your stress, you will be reducing and possibly preventing flare-ups.


Heavy alcohol use may trigger psoriasis flare-ups. Excessive alcohol use makes the outbreaks of this condition more frequent. So reducing one’s alcohol consumption will be a wise decision to make. Your doctor will help you in forming a plan in case you decide to quit drinking.


A cut, accident, or scrape can also trigger a flare-up. Sunburns, shots, and vaccines may trigger a new outbreak as well.